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October 20, 2013
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One of my favourite movies is called “The Doctor”.  In the movie, William Hurt is a surgeon who is unsympathetic towards what his patients are going through until he becomes a patient himself.  This leads to a paradigm shift at the end of the movie where he is now making sure that his interns care about the patient and not just their disease.  


It’s good for me to be in the dental chair every once in a while.  And that’s what happened to me recently.  I had an area of my gums that had receded and was not as healthy as it needed to be.  So I saw Dr. Galli, who is a Periodontist in Milton.  He transplanted some tissue from the roof of my mouth to another area beneath the gums to “shore it up”.  I followed all the pre and post-surgical instructions and was very pleased to find that I had no pain afterwards.  Dr. Galli is truly skilled at his profession.


But going through this has given me a greater empathy for my patients.  and that’s a good thing.