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September 02, 2015
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I'm taking a few days off this week, and I couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  But next week I'm back at it again!

I'm sad to say that next week is Iris' last week with us after eight years.  Iris and Odalmis are my two assistants.  The three of us work really well together, whether it's in the office or on one of our yearly mission trips to El Salvador or Guatemala.  But Iris was rear-ended in a car accident a few years ago and assisting is proving to be too demanding on her body so she is going back to school to take Business Marketing.  We wish her all the best and we'll certainly miss her!

Christina will be joining us.  She is a certified level II dental assistant who has also worked more recently as a dental lab technician.  I'm looking forward to learning from her since her experience will help take us to an even higher level of patient care.  Christina has a warm personality.  I think you'll like her!