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July 18, 2015
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Nickel-titanium is an alloy which is a roughly 50/50 mix of the two metals.  What makes it so special is it's elastic properties, specifially the way it can bend without breaking and then return to it's original shape.  This has two particularly useful applications in dentistry.

The first is in root canal treatment.  The root canal in a tooth runs through the centre of the root.  When the nerve is dead or dying, the tooth can be saved in most cases by cleaning out this hollow area where the nerve resides, and then sealing it to prevent bacteria from re-colonizing it.  Nickel-titanium files are used for this cleaning and shaping process because they will conform to the shape of the canal without breaking or inappropriately altering the shape of the canal.  They have revolutionized root canal treatment because of their safety and flexibility in following the shape of a curved canal, even extremely curved canals.

The second major application of nickel-titanium files is in orthodontic treatment.  They are uselful as the arch wire, which is the wire that attaches to your braces.   It forms the path along which your teeth move into the correct position.  These wires allow the orthodontist to control the movements of the teeth into their desired positions.  The wire, when warmed by the patient's mouth, will want to return to it's original shape, which just so happens to be the shape of the arch that the orthodontist desires.  

Nickel-titanium - a wonderful metal with amazing applications for dentistry.