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March 02, 2013
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Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, and can occur in ages raging from adolescent to the elderly.  They remain dormant along nerve pathways until they are reactivated by some form of trigger, often in the form of stress or UV light such as the sun.  They are often preceded by an itching or tingling sensation.  This is the time to treat them!  Otherwise they will eventually crust and then heal over a 2 week period and can be quite unsightly during that time.  

Treatment typically consists of antiviral topical agents such as Zovirax and Abreva which are applied to the lesion every 2 hours from the initial symptoms until healing has occurred.    I have been using a laser to treat these lesions for a couple of years now, with great success.  The trick is to let us know as soon as you feel the tingling or itching, because that is when it is most effective.  The laser speeds the healing process and can usually prevent the lesion from crusting.  They also don’t appear to reoccur at the same spot.  

So don’t be frustrated by cold sores.  There’s lots that can be done to help.