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January 24, 2015
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The majority of children we see on a daily basis in Milton manage to make the transition to permanent teeth without getting cavities in their primary teeth.  This is very encouraging because there was a time when it was much more common for children to get cavities.  I'm sure fluoride and the fact that their parents are now more educated than they were years ago about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption has helped.  Parents now generally seem to understand that it is important to retain premary teeth until they are due to be exfoliated naturally because they are very important to keep the space available for the permanent teeth, for the proper development of speech, and to aid in the digestion of food.

If we find cavities in primary teeth, they are almost always in between the back teeth, which is only accessible by flossing.  These cavities can grow to be quite large before they are visible, other than with X-Rays.  Primary teeth have very large pulps (the nerve inside the tooth), so it doesn't take long before the cavity is close to the nerve and pain or and abscess can result.  Therefore it is very important to help your child by flossing between their teeth, especially the back ones, and to bring them in for regular checkups, including X-Rays, at appropriate intervals in order to make sure that if a problem develps, we can catch and treat it at an early stage.

I love to be able to say "No cavities!" after I check a child's teeth.  Together, let's do everything we can to make it possible for us to say that for every child.