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Posts for: December, 2011


The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care recently introduced changes that may affect you if you are given a prescription for a painkiller at the dentist.  This initiative has come into effect in order to decrease the abuse and misuse of narcotics and controlled substances.

What this means for you, as it relates to dentistry, is that if you require a prescription for a painkiller, you will be asked for some form of ID when you are at the dental office.  This will typically be in the form of your health card or drivers licence, but you may also present other ID such as a valid passport or birth certificate issued from a Canadian province or territory.  The dentist will record this ID number on your prescription and you will be required to show the ID with the corresponding number when you go to the pharmacist to pick up your prescription.  If someone is picking up the prescription for you, they will need to show this same ID that you showed at the dental office as well as ID of their own.  The pharmacist will record their name and address and keep it on file at the pharmacy.

While it may seem like a hassle, it will hopefully help control the growing problem of addiction to narcotics and controlled substances within the province.