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Posts for: April, 2011

By contactus
April 23, 2011
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I'm always impressed when I hear about people that continue to lead productive lives even as they get older.  I thought I'd share the stories of three such people that I heard of  this past week:

The first was someone I met this week who is well into her 60's but gets up every day at 4 am to work out for aobut 3 hours.  Wow.  That takes a lot of dedication.

I also met someone who is well into his 70's.  He has just completed a Masters degree at a local university and now he is going to start working on his PhD.

The last person is not someone I have met.  He is the uncle of a patient I saw this week.  He told me that his uncle, a retired school teacher, is 94 and still spends 4 hours each weekday volunteering at the local school.  What is even more impressive is that he walks 20 blocks a day in order to do so.  That's amazing!

I'm not sure I'll make it to 94, but if I do, I hope I can still lead a productive life.


By contactus
April 09, 2011
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I just returned from a week in El Salvador on a medical/dental mission trip with my assistants Iris and Odalmis.  This was our third trip and, as always, we were overwhelmed with the need in the areas that we worked at.  The days were long and the lineup of those waiting for medical and dental care seemed to stretch on forever, but what kept us going was the thought that if we didn't help these people, no one else was coming after us.  This trip seemed special because we spent a day at the town where Iris lived as a child.  They had never had a physician or dentist come to them before.  Almost everyone going through the medical clinic had parasites and many were diabetic but had never beeen diagnosed or treated for it.  It made me think that as much as we like to complain about the time it takes to receive medical treatment in Ontario, we are among the most fortunate people in the world. 
Each day the dental team saw so many people with severely decayed and abscessed teeth, that at times it was hard to know where to begin.
Dr. Delle Donne, a root canal specialist who has practiced in Milton for many years, was on the team for the second year in a row.  He is amazing.  His work is difficult to perform at the best of times, but made that much harder by working in extreme heat and poor lighting.  He didn't want to turn anyone away, so he kept on going even when he was exhausted.  He helped us save many teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted. 
I am so blessed to work with others that have such a big heart for those who are hurting.  I can hardly wait for the next trip.