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Posts for: February, 2011

By contactus
February 20, 2011
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Unfortunately, there are still quite a few children that need fillings. Typically this is more stressful for the parent than the child. For the most part, children are very good, even when we need to use freezing. This is in good part due to the approach that we take.

First of all, we routinely use nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, for the young ones. Nitrous oxide is very safe. In fact, a woman in labour is given higher levels than I would ever need to use and it is considered safe for both her and her baby. It also allows you to feel normal quickly after your appointment so much so that an adult can drive home right after their appointment. As a result of using it, children are much more relaxed throughout the appointment. We also have TVs on the ceiling. The nitrous oxide and TV together almost seems to have a hypnotic effect.

Second, we explain what we are going to do so that there are no surprises. No one likes surprises when it comes to dental treatment.

Freezing is always preceded with a topical anesthetic and the injection is given SLOWLY. This helps to minimize any discomfort. I usually treat one area of the mouth at a time because treating multiple areas can make an appointment too long and makes it more uncomfortable afterwards.

Finally, children are encouraged and praised thoughout the appointment.

It never ceases to amaze me how good children are when treated this way. And that makes everyone happy.

By contactus
February 12, 2011
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It is estimated that more than half of Canadian adults have sensitive teeth due to recession of the gums. This occurs when the dentin becomes exposed as the protective cementum layer on the roots is lost. This dentin has little tubules which contain fluid. Its is believed that rapid movement of this fluid within the tubules (caused by heat, cold, air and pressure) causes sensitivity which can elicit a sharp pain.
There are various methods of teating root surface sensitivity including fluoride varnishes and potassium nitrate (Sensodyne). Colgate has recently introduced a product called Sensitive Pro-Relief. Perhaps you have seen their television commercials. The active ingredient is arginine, an amino acid which is found in saliva. It binds to the dentin surface which, in turn, attracts a calcium-rich layer from the saliva. This layer effectively clogs up the dentin tubules to prevent the movement of the fluid, thus causing a decrease in sensitivity.
It is administered as a paste in the dental office which is polished onto the sensitive teeth and then followed with the corresponding toothpaste to use at home. The office paste does indeed work very well. It provides immediate relief and, when followed with the toothpaste, will have a lasting effect.
So if you are tired of trying to cope with sensitive teeth associated with receeding gums, give us a call. We may be able to help make life a lot more enjoyable.